The Art of Luv (Part 5): ROKÉ Cupid

The language of internet-inflected romance—online dating profiles, love letters by internet scammers,
how-to dating guides—provide a body of early 21st century sacred love poetry. ROKÉ Cupid is
a psychedelic rock opera, light show, and courtship ceremony. Three officiants undergo a ritual
interrogation and perform an elaborate courtship dance representing the Lover's Quest.
The ceremony takes place within a diaphanous tent. There are three stations with guitar amplifiers
and instruments: keyboards, harp, dulcimer, guitars, bamboo flutes. The officiants move between
their instrument stations and a central triangular temenos girded by LED lights. Outside the tent, an
Initiate uses a VHS camera and video mixer to create a live psychedelic light show out of clippings
from lifestyle magazines, which is projected onto the walls of the tent.

(Part 5): ROKÉ Cupid premiered at the Bushwick Starr in May 2017.