Everything One in the Disc of the Sun

Three Osirian priests gather at the end of time to perform a karaoke ritual of death, rebirth, and
self-improvement. This ritual consists of a procession of karaoke: songs about Ancient Egyptian life,
ritualized Corona-drinking, and reperformance of found videos of 20th century gurus, cult leaders,
corporate speakers, and extraterrestrial mediums, all channeled through the performers by means of
an embedded in-ear karaoke machine.

The ceremony takes place under an LED pyramid which is anchored from the ceiling to a
square-shaped wooden bench which serves as audience seating. The source videos are played on the
walls or on screens surrounding the pyramid.
An Initiate wearing a robe and Anubis helmet controls the sound and video, and is also charged with
the administration of ritual libations and judicious guitar solos.

Accompanying the performance is The Prodigal Sun Spiritual Supplies Boutique, a pop-up store
selling handmade goods for spiritual self-improvement (amulets, healing soaps, meditation aids,

Commissioned by JACK (Brooklyn, NY), and supported with a grant from Franklin Furnace. Premiere: October 2013.